The Weave


What would the ideal strategic planning engagement look like?

The Weave provides guidance for sustainability practitioners wishing to more deeply engage people in creating their sustainable future.

The Weave integrates the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), also known as The Natural Step Framework, with strategic process design principles and dialogue-based methodologies. The FSSD is the skeleton that provides the structure of planning for sustainability, while the ABCD process provides a high-level approach for moving through the strategic planning stages in a step-wise manner.

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The Weave: Participatory Process Design Guide for Strategic Sustainable Developement


The Lotus

The Weave was developed by Tracy Meisterheim, Steven Cretney, and Alison Cretney. It is the outcome of our 2011 Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) thesis research at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden. The final thesis, Integrating Participatory Processes in Planning for Strategic Sustainable Development, is available for download at

A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to The Weave:
Sarah Brooks (TNS-Canada), Richard Blume (TNS-International, Sweden), Dr. Phil Cass (Columbus Medical Association, USA), Tamara Connell (MSLS Programme Director, Sweden), Dave Cook (TNS-International Board, Sweden), Chris Corrigan (Harvest Moon Consultants, Canada), Augusto Cuginotti (MSLS alumnus, UK), Maura Dilley (MSLS alumna, USA), Eric Ezechieli (TNS-Italy), Martin Hunt (Forum for the Future, UK), Yurie Makihara (MSLS alumna, Japan), Matthieu Kleinschmager (European Commission, Belgium), Jeff Leinaweaver (TNS-US Associate), Pong Leung (TNS-Canada), Matt Mayer (MSLS alumnus, Canada), Karin Miller (TNS-Canada), Merlina Missimer (MSLS staff), Toke Paludan Møller (AoH Co-founder, Denmark), Jan Hein Nielsen (AoH Co-founder, Denmark), Monica Nissén (AoH Co-founder, Denmark), Stanley Nyoni (TNS-Switzerland), Freek Van der Pliujm (TNS-Netherlands), Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt (TNS Founder/MSLS Programme Founder), Åsa Stenborg (TNS-International, Sweden), Kara Stonehouse (TNS-Canada), Pablo Villoch (MSLS alumnus, Chile), Dave Waldron (Synapse Strategies, Canada), Dr. Laura Weisel (TLP Group, USA), Bob Willard (TNS-Canada Board/Sustainability Advantage), Tenneson Woolf (Berkana Institute, USA)

Creative Commons License The Weave: Participatory Process Design Guide for SSD by Tracy Meisterheim, Steven Cretney and Alison Cretney is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.